Racer Connect


Racer Connect is a two player racing game which was developed in Game Maker during the Summer of 2011. It works over LAN where one player assumes the role of the host and the other is the participant. Winning a race earns credits which can be used to purchase additional tracks and upgrades for faster vehicles.

Initially I had begun created a top-down arcade racer which had split-screen multiplayer functionality. Whilst sitting in the same room as the player adds to the enjoyment, there is something unsettling about having to share the same keyboard. I then decided to test out networking functionality in Game Maker.

The majority of testing was done by opening two versions of the game on the same machine and watching them side-by-side. Upon completion, I hooked up mine and my cousin's laptops using an ethernet cable and we then experimented without the cable, instead using the wireless connection via the router. Theoretically connecting with IP addresses works but this has not been tested.

You can download Racer Connect here. (1.33MB zipped)



The lobby in Racer Connect
The vehicle selection screen, once both players are connected
The track selection screen
An in-game race
The end screen when one player reaches the finish line